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Boost Conversion and Engagement with Real-Time Website Customization and Optimization!

Unleash the Power of AI to Supercharge Conversions by 124%, Amplify Engagement by 40%, and Wave Goodbye to Bounce Rates.

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How it Works

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Automated A/B testing of Website Copy using AI
Continuous A/B testing of headlines and CTAs, always displaying the top performing variants to boost conversions
Website Customization Popup
First of its kind Website Popup that customizes website content for different demographics
Outbound Sales Website Personalization
Drag and Drop interface to personalize your website for each prospect, and share with one click
Inbound Website Customization based on Ad Campaigns
Link your Google Ad Campaign and spin up customized landing pages with a single click (COMING SOON 🚀)
Web Analytics
Conversion Tracking, Heatmap Analysis, Website Engagement Analytics, and Customer Intent Score

Easy Integrations

Seamless integrations with popular website platforms including Shopify, Wordpress, Webflow!

Built for everyone

B2B SaaS
Every customer will be looking at your website before they engage. Optimize content, boost conversion.
0 to 1 Companies
You're a team of super builders and thinkers. Focus on building products. Leave the performance marketing to us.
E-Commerce & D2C
Your website is your identity. Engaging, customized, personalized content is the difference between a sale and lost lead.
B2C Companies
Is your website the primary sales channel? Continuosly optimize content and don't lose out on ad clicks.
1 to 100 Companies
You've validated PMF, but need to grow. Leverage Passionfruit to experiment continuously, grow infinitely.
Inspiring mission statements and persuasive messaging will help visitors really understand and support your story.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes - we are platform agnostic! We have instructions for specific platforms uploaded. If you use one that is not mentioned, or want integration assistance, please reach out to hello@getpassionfruit.com

You don't need to. You just set up your experiment and paste the code snippet in your website backend!

You only need to paste 2 lines of our code in your website codebase / platform builder. Our estimate is less than 10 seconds 😛

Don't you worry! Even in this highly unlikely event, your website will default to the original version.

A 'variant' is a new version of your original website copy that our AI generates for you. It is optimized for SEO, engagement, and conversion.

Yes! You select exactly which texts you want to run experiments on.

Yes! You can keep adjusting the experiment percentage as needed. We recommend setting the starting experiment percentage to at least 20%.

As many as you like!