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Boost Organic Traffic using Passionfruit's AI powered, full stack SEO solution.

We leverage industry leading AI algorithms and key partnerships with SEO analytics platforms to automate several aspects of proven SEO strategies.

We're backed by top Investors & institutions.
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We're tech-first, product-focused, SEO Mavericks.

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Weekly Site Reports
Don't wait for a month or more to see if your SEO strategy is working. Learn, iterate, improve, and rank better, faster.
Unlimited Keywords, Always
Your growth should be uncapped. Optimize for unlimited keywords, and get AI suggestions for high opportunity ones.
Competitive Analysis
Understand your competitors' strategies, keywords, and comparative ranking. Use that to optimize your SEO strategy.
AI Powered Content Creation
10x High Quality Content Creation with re-purposable, omni-channel content. Always SEO optimized, and plagiarism checked.
High Quality Backlinks
Automate reachouts to high quality sources and generate high quality backlinks that improve your site authority.
On page, Technical SEO
Automate Technical SEO audits, and let us worry about fixing them on whichever platform you use to build your website.
Traffic & Audience Insights
Get actionable insights on your markets, prospects, traffic rank, unique visitors, visit duration, and a lot more.
Ad-to-Page Customization
Optimize every ad campaign by creating custom landing pages based on demographic, keywords, and ad goals.
We're introducing SEO 2.0 : Stepping into the Generative AI era.

Human-In-The-Loop workflows for scalable, effective SEO strategies.

We use top technologies do deliver exceptional results.

Why Passionfruit?

25 Billion
keywords and classifications
43 Trillion
backlinks and opportunities
More than 140
geo-databases for local SEO
800 Million
domain profiles for analysis
10 Million
content pieces created

Level up your SEO game today.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our pricing is customized for each client. It can range from $300 - $3,000 per month.

SEO is a ongoing strategy, not a one hit wonder. While there is no minimum time commitment, we recommend at least 3 months for optimal results.

All you have to do is schedule a free 30 min meeting. We use the meeting to understand your requirments, audit your site, and generate an SEO strategy customized for your needs and priorities.

Once onboarded, we setup automated weekly reports for you. We can also schedule weekly calls with your dedicated SEO expert, as per your request.

No. Our goal is to automate SEO strategy for you. We take care of Technical SEO, Content Creation, and Off Page SEO outreach. We may require collaborator access to the platforms you use to manage your website and content.

We use a human-in-the-loop model for content creation. We have a dedicated team of omni-channel content creators who approve and edit every piece of AI generated content to ensure the highest quality.

Unlimited keywords, always. Having said that, there are generally 5 - 30 keywords that are most relevant for a particular use case.

Every client is different, and we suggest and set KPIs on our onboarding call. Some KPIs that we've used in the past include SERP rankings, Keyword rankings, Number of Content Pieces, Number of backlink outreach emails, SEO site audit score, etc.