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Grow Revenue, Not Ad Spend.

We are redefining the SEO experience. Our team of SEO experts & cutting-edge AI solutions help companies grow organically 20x faster than ever before.

Passionfruit powers fast growing companies.
We're tech-first, product-focused, SEO Mavericks.

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SEO Audits & Analysis
Weekly site audits, competitor research, and position tracking to drive revenue.
Build Topical Authority
Topics are the new keywords. AI Powered Topical Analysis to boost long term growth.
On Page SEO
Ongoing, mobile and web page optimizations to improve search performance & user experience.
Technical SEO
AI Powered technical fixes that improve site performance & crawlability for search engines.
Editorial SEO
Content that converts - assisted with AI. Always SEO optimized, targeting buyer journey stages.
Off Page SEO
High quality backlinks (DA 75+ vs the industry average of 18) to build site authority.
Transparency & Reporting
Personalized dashboard to see daily SEO tasks & track the metrics that matter.
Customer & Product Insights
Actionable insights using our data warehouse to inform market research & product ideas.
We are integrated with top platforms, products, and tools.
We leverage industry leading technologies and data to deliver exceptional results.

Why Passionfruit?

keywords and classifications
backlinks and opportunities
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geo-databases for local SEO
domain profiles for analysis
content pieces created
We're backed by top Investors & institutions.
Start XStanfordFloodgateCarnegie Mellon
We're introducing SEO 2.0 : Stepping into the Generative AI era.

Human-In-The-Loop workflows for scalable, impactful SEO strategies.

We're not just better, we're different.
End to End, White Glove SEO Strategy Creation, Execution, Analysis, Reporting, and Iteration
Unlimited Keywords, focusing on building Topical Authority for long term dominance
Optimizing for Metrics that Matter : Revenue, Clicks, and Conversion
Personalized strategy tailored for your business objectives, and overall marketing efforts
Full transparency using in house Project Management Dashboard, showing tasks completed daily
AI Powered processes that 20x execution speed while maintaining Top Quality and driving Organic Growth
Daily Performance Monitoring, Weekly SEO Reports, and Monthly Meetings to continuously iterate strategy
24x7 work day with team distributed across different geographies to boost productivity and outcomes
Going beyond SEO : leverage our data to inform product decisions and market research
Typical SEO Agency
Limited scope of work, and will pass on complex, time consuming SEO tasks to your team
Limit of 30-50 keywords across your entire website, and will upcharge for targeting more keywords
Focus on traditional, outdated SEO metrics that do not boost your top line
Copy-and-paste of generic SEO templates that are not best suited for your use case or other initiatives
Blackbox SEO - no clarity on tasks done, time spent, upcoming tasks
Manual processes that take several months, or even years, to execute without seeing results
Quarterly (monthly, if you're lucky) performance monitoring with no iterations
Limited resources, limited team, limited work hours causing massive delays and low ROI
Limited scope of work, that too for a subset of SEO tasks
Don't just take our word for it : let the results speak for themselves.

Do you want to boost Organic Growth?

Frequently Asked Questions


SEO is a ongoing strategy, not a one hit wonder. While there is no minimum time commitment, we recommend at least 3 months for optimal results.

All you have to do is schedule a free 30 min meeting. We use the meeting to understand your requirments, audit your site, and generate an SEO strategy customized for your needs and priorities.

Once onboarded, we setup automated weekly reports for you. We can also schedule weekly calls with your dedicated SEO expert, as per your request.

No. Our goal is to automate SEO strategy for you. We take care of Technical SEO, Content Creation, and Off Page SEO outreach. We may require collaborator access to the platforms you use to manage your website and content.

We use a human-in-the-loop model for content creation. We have a dedicated team of omni-channel content creators who approve and edit every piece of AI generated content to ensure the highest quality.

Unlimited keywords, always.

Every client is different, and we suggest and set KPIs on our onboarding call. Some KPIs that we've used in the past include Organic Traffic, Organic Revenue, Clicks, Impressions, Click Through Rate, Keyword rankings, Content Pieces, Site Score, etc.